Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

Provider: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Department of Education
Jurisdiction: United States

This dataset includes 100 thousands public elementary and secondary education facilities in the United States, as defined by the Common Core of Data (CCD), National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), US Department of Education. This dataset includes all kindergarten through 12th grade schools, military schools in US territories (with APO or FPO address).

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School NameLevelAddressTelephone
W.e.b. Dubois Academy3332 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 485-3251
Ernest Camp Edwards Education Complexprekindergarten731 South Hancock Street, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-7677
Alex R. Kennedy Elementaryelementary4515 Taylorsville Rd, Louisville, KY 40220(502) 485-6950
Minor Daniels Academyhigh1960 Bashford Manor Ln, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 485-8316
Brooklawnhigh3121 Brooklawn Campus Drive, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 515-0460
Bellewoodelementary11103 Park Road, Louisville, KY 40223(502) 753-5533
George Unseld Early Childhood Centerprekindergarten5216 Ilex Ave, Louisville, KY 40213(502) 485-8161
Jcps Eschoolhigh900 South Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-7800
Home/Hospitalother3332 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 485-6054
Southern Highhigh8620 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40219(502) 485-8330
Western Day Treatmentelementary1900 South Seventh Street, Louisville, KY 40208(502) 485-7351
Smyrna Elementary Schoolelementary6401 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40228(502) 485-8329
Jaeger Preschoolprekindergarten502 Wood Road, Louisville, KY 40222(502) 485-6657
Barbour County Intermediate Schoolelementary18 Beaty Drive, Louisville, AL 36048(334) 266-6151
U of L Pact ProgramhighDavidson Hall Room 102, Louisville, KY 40292(502) 485-3280
Carter Traditional Elementaryelementary3600 Bohne Ave, Louisville, KY 40211(502) 485-8225
Dawson Orman Education Centerprekindergarten900 S Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-7008
Ahrens Educational Resource Centerhigh546 S First St, Louisville, KY 40202(502) 485-8201
Stopher Elementaryelementary14417 Aiken Rd, Louisville, KY 40245(502) 485-8281
Johnson Traditional Middlemiddle2509 Wilson Ave, Louisville, KY 40210(502) 485-8277
Mary Ryan Academyhigh3305 East Indian Trail, Louisville, KY 40213(502) 485-7988
Frederick Law Olmsted Academy Northmiddle4530 Bellevue Avenue, Louisville, KY 40215(502) 485-8331
Ramsey Middlemiddle6409 Gelhaus Lane, Louisville, KY 40299(502) 485-8391
Waggener Highhigh330 S. Hubbards Lane, Louisville, KY 40207(502) 485-8340
Westport Middlemiddle8100 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40222(502) 485-8346
Valley Highhigh10200 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8339
Breckinridge Metropolitan Highhigh1128 East Broadway St, Louisville, KY 40204(502) 485-6678
Mary Jo and William Macdonald Maryhursthigh1015 Dorsey Ln, Louisville, KY 40223(502) 271-4577
Kentucky Tech - Jefferson Campus727 West Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 588-4136
North Clay Elem/Jr High SchelementaryPo Box 279, Louisville, IL 62858(618) 665-3393
Fern Creek Highhigh9115 Fern Creek Road, Louisville, KY 40291(502) 485-8251
Doss Highhigh7601 St Andrews Church Rd, Louisville, KY 40214(502) 485-8239
Zachary Taylor Elementaryelementary9620 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40241(502) 485-8336
Farmer Elementaryelementary6405 Gellhaus Ln, Louisville, KY 40299(502) 485-8625
Chancey Elementaryelementary4301 Murphy Lane, Louisville, KY 40241(502) 485-8387
The Brook-Dupontelementary1405 Browns Ln, Louisville, KY 40207(502) 721-2342
The Academy @ Shawneehigh4001 Herman Street, Louisville, KY 40212(502) 485-8326
Wilkerson Traditional Elementaryelementary5601 Johnsontown Road, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8351
Barret Traditional Middlemiddle2561 Grinstead Drive, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 485-8207
Western Highhigh2501 Rockford Lane, Louisville, KY 40216(502) 485-8344
Home of The Innocents Schoolother1100 East Market St, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 596-1291
Center At Riverportprekindergarten7401 Riverport Drive, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-6389
Klondike Lane Elementaryelementary3807 Klondike Ln, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 485-8286
Foster Traditional Academyelementary1401 South 41st Street, Louisville, KY 40211(502) 485-8253
St Joseph Children's Homeelementary2823 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 893-0241
Monarch K-8 Schoolelementary263 Campus Drive, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 561-4000
Home of The Innocents Discoveryother1100 East Market St, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 596-1291
Ackerlyother200 E Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202(502) 629-6319
The Phoenix School of Discoveryother3741 Pulliam Drive, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 485-7700
Barbour County Primary Schoolelementary81 Victoria Street, Louisville, AL 36048(334) 266-5643
Seneca Highhigh3510 Goldsmith Lane, Louisville, KY 40220(502) 485-8323
Greathouse/Shryock Traditionalelementary2700 Browns Lane, Louisville, KY 40220(502) 485-8259
The Brook-Kmihigh8521 Lagrange Rd, Louisville, KY 40242(502) 814-3722
Schaffner Traditional Elementaryelementary2701 Crums Lane, Louisville, KY 40216(502) 485-8217
Heuser Hearing & Language Academyelementary111 E Kentucky St, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 636-2084
Breckinridge-Franklin Elementaryelementary1351 Payne St., Louisville, KY 40206(502) 485-8215
Johnsontown Road Elementaryelementary7201 Johnsontown Rd, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8278
Butler Traditional Highhigh2222 Crums Lane, Louisville, KY 40216(502) 485-8220
Louisville Metro Youth Centerother720 W Jefferson St, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 574-6975
Westport Tapphigh8800 Westport Rd, Louisville, KY 40242(502) 485-8347
Audubon Youth Development Centernot reported8711 Lagrange Rd, Louisville, KY 40242(502) 423-2174
Jefferson County Highhigh900 S Floyd Street, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-3173
Louisville Dayhigh8711 Lagrange Rd, Louisville, KY 40242(502) 429-7217
Esl Newcomer Academymiddle4018 West Market Street, Louisville, KY 40212(502) 485-6324
Carrithers Middlemiddle4320 Billtown Road, Louisville, KY 40299(502) 485-8224
Medora Elementaryelementary11801 Deering Road, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8298
Wellington Elementaryelementary4800 Kaufman Lane, Louisville, KY 40216(502) 485-8343
Rangeland Elementaryelementary1701 Rangeland Rd, Louisville, KY 40219(502) 485-8317
Slaughter Elementaryelementary3805 Fern Valley Road, Louisville, KY 40219(502) 485-8328
Norton Elementaryelementary8101 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40241(502) 485-8308
Bates Elementaryelementary7601 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40291(502) 485-8208
Coleridge-Taylor Montessori Elementaryelementary1115 W Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-8232
Brandeis Elementaryelementary2817 West Kentucky, Louisville, KY 40211(502) 485-8214
Maryville Elementary Schoolelementary4504 Summers Dr, Louisville, KY 40229(502) 869-2400
Duvalle Education Centerprekindergarten3610 Bohne Ave, Louisville, KY 40211(502) 485-3558
Atherton Highhigh3000 Dundee Road, Louisville, KY 40205(502) 485-8202
Meyzeek Middlemiddle828 South Jackson Street, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-8299
Stuart Academymiddle4603 Valley Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8334
Indian Trail Elementaryelementary3709 E Indian Tr, Louisville, KY 40213(502) 485-8268
Churchill Park Schoolother435 Boxley Avenue, Louisville, KY 40209(502) 485-8229
Coal Creek Elementary Schoolelementary801 West Tamarisk Street, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 561-4500
Central High Magnet Career Academyhigh1130 West Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-8226
Minors Lane Elementaryelementary8510 Minors Lane, Louisville, KY 40219(502) 485-8303
Wheatley Elementaryelementary1107 South 17th Street, Louisville, KY 40210(502) 485-8348
Crums Lane Elementaryelementary3212 S Crums Ln, Louisville, KY 40216(502) 485-8236
Western Middle School for The Artsmiddle2201 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40212(502) 485-8345
Greenwood Elementaryelementary5801 Greenwood Road, Louisville, KY 40258(502) 485-8260
Pleasure Ridge Park Highhigh5901 Greenwood Road, Louisville, KY 40258(502) 485-8311
Watterson Elementaryelementary3900 Breckinridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 485-8342
Laukhuf Elementaryelementary5100 Capewood Dr, Louisville, KY 40229(502) 485-8289
Lowe Elementaryelementary210 Oxfordshire Lane, Louisville, KY 40222(502) 485-8293
Stonestreet Elementaryelementary10007 Stonestreet Road, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8333
Price Elementaryelementary5001 Garden Green Way, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 485-8315
Field Elementaryelementary120 Sacred Heart Ln, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 485-8252
Roosevelt-Perry Elementaryelementary1615 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 485-8319
Layne Elementaryelementary9831 East Avenue, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8290
Wilder Elementaryelementary1913 Herr Lane, Louisville, KY 40222(502) 485-8350
Lincoln Elementary Performing Artselementary930 East Main Street, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 485-8291
Peace Academyother2020 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40205(502) 479-4180
Dixie Elementaryelementary10201 Casalanda Dr, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 485-8238

Dataset Information

This dataset includes 100 thousands public elementary and secondary education facilities in the United States, as defined by the Common Core of Data (CCD), National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), US Department of Education. This dataset includes all kindergarten through 12th grade schools, military schools in US territories (with APO or FPO address).

Data Provider National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Department of Education
Jurisdiction United States

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