Child Day Care Centers

Provider: State Education Departments
Jurisdiction: United States

This dataset includes 150 thousands child day care centers for the 50 states of the USA, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The dataset includes center based child day care locations, including those located at schools and religious institutes. Each child day care is categorized into Center Based, School Based, Head Start, or Religious Center solely based on the type of Center where the child day care center is geographically located.

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Center NameTypeAddressTelephone
New Creation Academycenter based893 Boston Rd, Springfield, MA 01119(413) 783-2099
Bright Leaves Learning Centercenter based1207 Sumner Ave, Springfield, MA 01118(413) 372-5784
Children's House Learning Inccenter based24 Chapin Terrace, Springfield, MA 01107(413) 734-8776
Mgm Head Start Children and Family Centerhead start145 Union Street, Springfield, MA 01103(413) 266-8274
The Center After School Programreligious facility33 Oak Street, Springfield, MA 01109(413) 734-3106
Madison Avenue Headstart/Hcs Headstarthead start30 Madison Ave, Springfield, MA 01105(413) 788-6522
Miami Valley Cdc- Early Childhood Education Centercenter based1001 E John Street, Springfield, OH 45505(937) 325-2214
Mann Elementary Schoolschool based521 Mount Joy St, Springfield, OH 45505
Lagonda Elementary Schoolschool based800 E Mccreight Ave, Springfield, OH 45503
Kenton Elementary Schoolschool based731 E Home Rd, Springfield, OH 45503
Perrin Woods Elementary Schoolschool based431 W John St, Springfield, OH 45506
Ready Set Learn Academycenter based1615 Selma Rd, Springfield, OH 45505(734) 223-6586
Fulton Elementary Schoolschool based631 S Yellow Springs St, Springfield, OH 45506
Snowhill Elementary Schoolschool based531 W Harding Rd, Springfield, OH 45504
Ofc/Sacc - Orange Huntcenter based6820 Sydenstricker Road, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 913-6860
Joyful Noise Preschoolreligious facility2044 S State Highway Mm, Springfield, MO 65802-7732(417) 839-0969
Mighty Marvels Adventure Academy LLCcenter based536 E Cherokee St, Springfield, MO 65807-2608(417) 720-4104
Tigers Learning Center LLCcenter based718 S Scenic Ave, Springfield, MO 65802-5043(417) 689-1136
Springfield Genius Academy LLCcenter based66 Morris Avenue, Suite 2a & 2c, Springfield, NJ 07081(917) 456-7867
The Goddard Schoolcenter based3411 Hedley Rd, Springfield, IL 62711(217) 210-4545
Wonderful Wednesdayreligious facility210 Cleveland Street, Springfield, GA 31329(912) 754-6646
Central Learning Centercenter based434 Wallace Drive, Springfield, GA 31329(912) 238-2985
Kathy's Day Karecenter based1211 1/2 South Laurel Street, Springfield, GA 31329(912) 754-3742
Carmen's Day Care LLCcenter based107 N. Maple Street, Springfield, GA 31329(912) 754-6079
Ymca Pryme Tyme Springfield Elementaryschool based300 Old Dixie Highway South, Springfield, GA 31329(912) 663-4761
First Bapt Church of Springfield Weekday Educationreligious facility1435 Hwy 119 North, Springfield, GA 31329(912) 754-4227
Ofc/Sacc - North Springfieldcenter based7602 Heming Court, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 658-5542
La Petite Academy-Springfieldcenter based8808 Redman Street, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 451-2122
Little Acorn Patchcenter based6224 and 6226 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 451-7071
Kindercare Learning Center #000875center based8518 Bauer Drive, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 451-4194
Immanuel Bible Churchreligious facility6915 Braddock Road Immanuel Christian School Ec, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 941-1220
St. Mark's Montessori Schoolcenter based5800 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 451-4470
Sydenstricker Schoolcenter based7001 Sydenstricker Road, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 451-4141
Congregation Adat Reyimcenter based6500 Westbury Oaks Court, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 569-7577
Sydenstricker United Methodist Churchreligious facility8508 Hooes Road, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 644-6384
Kindercare Learning Center #734center based8119 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 866-3135
Early Steps Bilingual Preschool Springfield based5407 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 405-2607
The Springs - A Montessori Schoolcenter based7719 Fullerton Road, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 941-1411
Y Day Campschool based152 Missing Link Road, Springfield, VT 05156(802) 463-4769
Suzy's Little Peanuts Day School LLC Springfieldcenter based132 Chester Road, Springfield, VT 05156(802) 885-7899
Ofc/Sacc - Kings Glencenter based5401 Danbury Forest Drive, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 239-4061
Ofc/Sacc - Forestdalecenter based6530 Elder Avenue, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 313-4360
Kindercare Learning Center #000540center based8604 Pohick Road, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 455-7322
Playworks Child Centercenter based6 Main Street, Springfield, VT 05150(802) 886-5242
Springfield Learning Garden Inccenter based31 Pleasant Street, Springfield, VT 05156(802) 885-5077
World of Discovery Inc D/B/A World of Discovery IIicenter based307 South Street, Springfield, VT 05156(802) 885-8380
Ofc/Sacc - Hunt Valleycenter based7107 Sydenstricker Road, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 913-8861
Pine Street Preschoolcenter based15 Pine Street, Springfield, VT 05089(802) 885-6664
Ofc/Sacc - Saratogacenter based8111 Northumberland Road, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 440-2460
Ofc/Sacc - West Springfieldcenter based6802 Deland Drive, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 912-4460
Ofc/Sacc - Newington Forestcenter based8001 Newington Forest Ave, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 455-3847
All4one With Springfield School Districtschool based13 Fairground Road, Springfield, VT 05156(802) 885-2531
Ofc/Sacc - Keycenter based6404 Franconia Road, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 218-3850
St. John's United Methodist Churchreligious facility5312 Backlick Road St. John's Center for Ece, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 256-7748
Westwood Baptist Churchreligious facility8200 Old Keene Mill Road Westwwod Mother's Day Out, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 455-6360
Ofc/Sacc - Kings Parkcenter based5400 Harrow Way, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 426-7060
Accotink Academy Preschoolcenter based6215 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 451-5797
Ofc/Sacc - Cardinal Forestcenter based8600 Forrester Boulevard, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 923-5245
St. Christopher's Episcopal Church-St. Christopher's Preschoolreligious facility6320 Hanover Avenue, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 451-1845
Ofc/Sacc - Crestwood Escenter based6010 Hanover Avenue, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 923-5460
Messiah United Methodist Churchreligious facility6215 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 569-3033
Ofc/Sacc - Sangstercenter based7420 Reservation Drive, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 644-8260
St Bernadette School Extended Day and Preschool Programcenter based7602 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 451-8696
Ofc/Sacc - Springfield Estatescenter based6200 Charles C. Goff Drive, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 921-2384
Ofc/Sacc - Lynbrookcenter based5801 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 449-1414
Ofc/Sacc - Rolling Valleycenter based6703 Barnack Drive, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 923-2760
Springfield Academycenter based5236 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 256-3773
Ofc/Sacc - Garfieldcenter based7101 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 923-2960
Country Woodland Schoolcenter based7152 Woodland Drive, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 256-9400
Ofc/Sacc - Ravensworthcenter based5411 Nutting Drive, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 426-3360
First Baptist Church-Springfieldreligious facility7300 Gary Street, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 451-7144
Grace Presbyterian Churchreligious facility7434 Bath Street Grace Weekday Preschool, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 451-3314
Squeaky Sneakers Springfieldcenter based365 Summer Street, Springfield, VT 05156(802) 885-5541
Prince of Peace Lutheran Churchreligious facility8306 Old Keene Mill Rd, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 451-6177
Ofc/Sacc - Keene Millcenter based6310 Bardu Avenue, Springfield, VA 22152(703) 644-4760
Word of Life Assembly of God Churchreligious facility5225 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151(703) 354-4222 EXT 200
Springfield Kindercarecenter based7901 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22153(703) 866-9228
Springfield United Methodist Churchreligious facility7047 Old Keene Mill Road Christian Weekday Program, Springfield, VA 22150(703) 569-3479
Kids Connection Preschool and Daycarecenter based3245 S Kansas Ave, Springfield, MO 65807-5605(417) 882-5992
Monarch Children's Academy LLCcenter based1108 N Robberson Ave, Springfield, MO 65802-3843(417) 831-8732
Ozarks Regional Ymcacenter based2120 S Ventura Ave, Springfield, MO 65804-2718(417) 523-2590
Ozarks Area Community Action Corporationhead start2723 S Meadowbrook Ave, Springfield, MO 65807-5924(417) 882-2885
Mercy Hospital Springfieldcenter based1831 S Fremont, Springfield, MO 65804(417) 820-7955
Ozarks Regional Ymcacenter based421 E Sunshine St, Springfield, MO 65807-2642(417) 895-2110
Ozarks Regional Ymcacenter based2526 S Hillsboro, Springfield, MO 65806(417) 888-2585
Life Skills Learning Centercenter based452 S Grant, Springfield, MO 65806(417) 863-0898
University Child Care Centercenter based500 South St, Springfield, MO 65806(417) 866-0980
Springfield-Greene County Park Boardcenter based2814 N Fremont Ave, Springfield, MO 65803-4319(417) 353-6486
La Petite Academy based1714 S Enterprise Ave, Springfield, MO 65804(417) 883-6665
Westminster Presbyterian Church of Springfield Missourireligious facility1551 E Portland, Springfield, MO 65804(417) 866-2712
Family Life Community Servicescenter based1126 N Broadway Ave, Springfield, MO 65802-4158(417) 755-7404
Lsp Claremont based2937 S Claremont, Springfield, MO 65804(417) 883-1601
Ozarks Regional Ymcacenter based1409 N Washington Ave, Springfield, MO 65802(417) 523-1500
Ozarks Regional Ymcacenter based2210 E Aa State Hwy, Springfield, MO 65803-8655(417) 523-0432
Ozarks Regional Ymcaschool based2101 W Farm Road 182, Springfield, MO 65810-2264(417) 888-2545
Ozarks Regional Ymcacenter based2403 S Holland Ave, Springfield, MO 65807(417) 888-2553
Kids of Creationcenter based922 W Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65807-5821(417) 720-1053
Springfield-Greene County Park Boardcenter based415 S Golden Ave, Springfield, MO 65802-4709(417) 523-3100
Peapod Brentwood LLCcenter based2115 S Brentwood Blvd, Springfield, MO 65804-2538(417) 887-6012
Where Families Grow LLCcenter based2872 S Meadowbrook, Springfield, MO 65807(417) 881-5555

Dataset Information

This dataset includes 150 thousands child day care centers for the 50 states of the USA, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The dataset includes center based child day care locations, including those located at schools and religious institutes. Each child day care is categorized into Center Based, School Based, Head Start, or Religious Center solely based on the type of Center where the child day care center is geographically located.

Data Provider State Education Departments
Jurisdiction United States

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