Child Day Care Centers

Provider: State Education Departments
Jurisdiction: United States

This dataset includes 150 thousands child day care centers for the 50 states of the USA, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The dataset includes center based child day care locations, including those located at schools and religious institutes. Each child day care is categorized into Center Based, School Based, Head Start, or Religious Center solely based on the type of Center where the child day care center is geographically located.

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Center NameTypeAddressTelephone
Louisville Recreation Early Learning Programcenter based900 W Via Appia, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 335-4902
St. Louis Catholic School Age Schoolreligious facility925 Grant Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 666-6220
Matthews Child Care Centercenter based99 Sikes Ave, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 773-8005
Kids Worldcenter based35 W Oak St, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 803-3599
Louisville Area Ymca Summer Day Campcenter based1421 Nickel Plate S, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-1611
Kaftar Academycenter based330 East Oak Street, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 712-7452
Blessed & Faithful Learning Centercenter based7290 Manslick Road, Louisville, KY 40214(502) 384-5160
Skillz 4 Life: Young Learners Academycenter based204 E Jacob Street, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 822-3975
Majestic Scholars Childcare Centercenter based3149 Commerce Center Place, Louisville, KY 40211(502) 365-3144
Semple Boys & Girls Clubschool based724 Denmark St., Louisville, KY 40215(502) 418-0891
Moomoo's Child Enrichment Centercenter based3401 Dixie Hwy., Louisville, KY 40216(502) 709-4888
Peace of Mind Preschoolreligious facility3730 Manslick Road, Louisville, KY 40215(502) 271-0151
Laukhuf Elementary Cepschool based5100 Capewood Drive, Louisville, KY 40229(502) 637-1575
Laugh Learn Love Community Child Centercenter based344 N. 26th St., Louisville, KY 40212(502) 974-9818
Spradling Development Centercenter based726 Preston Street, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 625-7333
Sugar Babiescenter based2019 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY 40210(502) 807-2862
Allen's Playhouse Daycarecenter based712 W. Ashland Ave, Louisville, KY 40215(502) 384-7178
Abc 123 Academy Child Care Centercenter based828 Brookline Ave, Louisville, KY 40214(502) 365-4016
Laugh and Learn Child Development Centercenter based4314 Cane Run Rd., Louisville, KY 40216(502) 689-1615
Primrose School At Old Henry Crossingcenter based14801 Bush Farm Road, Louisville, KY 40245(502) 727-7269
Rivers Educational Center based5108 Terry Road, Louisville, KY 40216(502) 742-2273
Touch By An Angelcenter based1509 Berry Blvd, Louisville, KY 40215(502) 919-7680
Five Star Learning Centercenter based408 W. Broad Street, Louisville, GA 30434(478) 625-7688
A Child's Success Place Learning Centercenter based5180 Middleground Road, Louisville, GA 30434(478) 253-3103
Louisville Head Starthead start5315 Middleground Rd, Louisville, GA 30424(478) 625-8911
Thomas Jefferson Academyschool based2264 Highway 1 North, Louisville, GA 30434(478) 625-8861
Louisville United Methodist Church Preschoolreligious facility301 West Seventh Street, Louisville, GA 30434(478) 625-7669
Kids World Child Care and Learning Center IIcenter based510 Caldwell Street, Louisville, GA 30434(478) 625-9945
Louisville Baptist Churchreligious facility1900 Main Street, Louisville, AL 36048(334) 266-5485
The Tot Spot Day Care & K 4center based4684 Hwy 397, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 773-2268
Little Blessings Day Carecenter based394 Warner Ave, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 705-9257
House of based319 S Jones Ave, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 803-5645
Winston County Complexcenter based200 Eiland Ave, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 773-8950
Donna's Daycare Centercenter based51 E College St, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 773-8399
Destiney's Day Care based16664 E Main St, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 736-2852
First Baptist Day Carereligious facility205 West Park Street, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 773-9332
Hudson's Home Day Carecenter based115 Dawkins St, Louisville, MS 39339(662) 773-9456
Fairhope Preschoolcenter based5660 Louisville St Ne, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-3090
The Shepherd's Gate Child Care Centercenter based10037 Easton St Ne, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-3399
Louisville Area Ymcaschool based1421 S. Nickelplate, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-1611
Kid Watchreligious facility619 E Main St, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-2997
Eastgate Early Childhood Ctrcenter based2121 Ashland St, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-3347
Louisville Ymca At North Nimishillen Elementary Schoolschool based7337 Easton Street Ne, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-1611
Louisville Area Ymca Child Care @ Lesschool based415 N. Nickelplate, Louisville, OH 44621(330) 875-1611
North Nimishillen Elementary Schoolschool based7337 Easton St, Louisville, OH 44641(330) 875-2661
Rocky Mountain Day Campcenter based1341 Main St., Louisville, CO 80027
Bvsd Coal Creek Elementary Sacschool based801 W Tamarisk, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 561-4500
The Patchwork Schoolcenter based1436 Main St, Louisville, CO 80027
St Louis Early Learning Centercenter based841 Grant Ave, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 666-6220
Bvsd Fireside Elementary Sacschool based845 W Dahlia, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 561-7900
The Patchwork Schoolcenter based1428 Main St, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 271-6729
Bvsd Monarch K - 8 Sacschool based263 Campus Dr, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 561-4000
Ymca of Bldr Valley @ Louisville Elementaryschool based400 Hutchinson, Louisville, CO 80027
Mountain Kids Louisvillecenter based474 S Taylor Ave, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 665-8287
Active Louisville Kids LLCcenter based1970 Centennial Dr, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 665-9669
Treehouse Learningcenter based175 N 96th St, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 666-1950
Fairview Montessori Schoolcenter based1501 Jefferson Ave, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 661-0343
La Petite Academycenter based380 S Mccaslin, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 673-9333
Little Peoples Landingcenter based215 Century Cir, Louisville, CO 80027(303) 604-4440
Kindercare Learning Centers LLCcenter based107 Mccaslin Blvd, Louisville, CO 80027
Fireside Preschoolschool based845 W Dahlia St, Louisville, CO 80027
The Goddard Schoolcenter based380 Centennial Pkwy, Louisville, CO 80027
Bvsd Kindergarten Enrichment @ Louisville Eleschool based400 Hutchinson, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 561-7200
Bvsd Monarch K-8 Preschoolschool based263 Campus Dr, Louisville, CO 80027(720) 561-4000
Bvsd Ryan Elementary Preschoolschool based1405 Centaur Village Dr, Louisville, CO 80026(720) 561-6269
Topside Learning Centercenter based2934 Topside Road, Louisville, TN 37777(865) 977-9540
Middlesettlements Preschoolschool based3105 Miser Station Road, Louisville, TN 37777(865) 983-6644
Middlesettlements Elem Sch-Friendsschool based3105 Miser Station Road, Louisville, TN 37777(865) 983-6672
Little River Montessori Schoolcenter based913 E Cumberland Drive, Louisville, TN 37777(865) 970-4322
Primrose School of East Louisvillecenter based1151 Dorsey Lane, Louisville, KY 40223(502) 974-4111
Zion Christian Preschoolreligious facility1310 E. Burnett Avenue, Louisville, KY 40217(502) 637-5466
Doris Mae's Child Care Centercenter based6017 Ashby Lane, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 937-7010
Kiddie City Academycenter based1706 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40210(502) 907-5230
Kiddo's Academycenter based7515 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40219(502) 614-8882
Baptist Health Louisville Child Development Centercenter based4000 Kresge Way, Louisville, KY 40207(502) 897-8189
My Little Tippy Toescenter based1317 Berry Blvd, Louisville, KY 40215(502) 368-4513
First Gethsemane Child Development Centercenter based1159 Algonquin Parkway, Louisville, KY 40208(502) 634-1839
Smiling Faces Child Development Centercenter based3719 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40211(502) 290-4698
A To Z Learning Center and Child Carecenter based6100 Billtown Road, Louisville, KY 40299(502) 267-8350
The Potter's House Childcare Enrichment Centercenter based314 South Wenzel Street, Louisville, KY 40204(502) 584-8742
Mac's Creative Kid'Scenter based221 S Shelby St, Louisville, KY 40202(502) 445-2808
Overdale Elementary Ymca Before & After School Childcareschool based651 Overdale Drive, Louisville, KY 40229(502) 543-3985
And Over The Moon and Back Childcarecenter based5907 Six Mile Lane, Louisville, KY 40218(502) 883-3009
Foster Elementary Childcare Enrichment Programreligious facility1401 South 41st Street, Louisville, KY 40211(502) 637-1575
Plainview Schoolcenter based10320 Timberwood Circle, Louisville, KY 40223(502) 245-1333
Bowen Elem. Childcare Enrichment Programschool based1601 Roosevelt Avenue, Louisville, KY 40242(502) 637-1575
Neighborhood House Preschoolcenter based201 North 25th Street, Louisville, KY 40212(502) 774-2977
Candyland Daycarecenter based1945 Lower Hunters Trace, Louisville, KY 40216(502) 883-4383
Small Imaginations Childcarecenter based4306 Shady Villa Drive, Louisville, KY 40219(502) 749-7805
Watkins Preschool and Early Learning Centercenter based9800 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40241(502) 425-8042
Hayfield Montessori Schoolcenter based2000 Tyler Lane, Louisville, KY 40205(502) 454-7122
Kenwood Montessori Preschoolschool based770 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, KY 40217(502) 634-2075
The Wright Place Day Carecenter based600 South 18th Street, Louisville, KY 40203(502) 365-4877
Field Elementary Childcare Enrichment Programschool based120 Sacred Heart Lane, Louisville, KY 40206(502) 637-1575
Kinder Care Learning Centercenter based2990 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY 40205(502) 452-9573
Waldorf School of Louisvilleschool based8005 New Lagrange Road, Louisville, KY 40222(502) 327-0122
Frost-Stuart Boys & Girls Clubcenter based4601 Valley Station Road, Louisville, KY 40272(502) 608-4357
Little People Academycenter based8040 New Lagrange Road, Louisville, KY 40222(502) 290-9300
Hawthorne Elementary Childcare Enrichment Programschool based2301 Clarendon Avenue, Louisville, KY 40205(502) 637-1575
Whitefield Academy Preschoolcenter based7711 Fegenbush Lane, Louisville, KY 40228(502) 239-3359

Dataset Information

This dataset includes 150 thousands child day care centers for the 50 states of the USA, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The dataset includes center based child day care locations, including those located at schools and religious institutes. Each child day care is categorized into Center Based, School Based, Head Start, or Religious Center solely based on the type of Center where the child day care center is geographically located.

Data Provider State Education Departments
Jurisdiction United States

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