Child Day Care Centers

Provider: State Education Departments
Jurisdiction: United States

This dataset includes 150 thousands child day care centers for the 50 states of the USA, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The dataset includes center based child day care locations, including those located at schools and religious institutes. Each child day care is categorized into Center Based, School Based, Head Start, or Religious Center solely based on the type of Center where the child day care center is geographically located.

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Center NameTypeAddressTelephone
Ymca Ycap Clevelandcenter based1305 Smith Drive, Cleveland, TN 37311(423) 682-0109
Yates Pre-K @ El Rossschool based4340 Mouse Creek Road Nw, Cleveland, TN 37312(423) 479-9339
Westside Christian Academycenter based5005 N Lee Highway, Cleveland, TN 37312(423) 476-0001
Shenandoah Baptist Academy Preschoolreligious facility138 Osment Road Se, Cleveland, TN 37323(423) 339-0992
West Rowan Elementary Schoolschool based480 Mimosa Street, Cleveland, NC 27013(704) 278-2131
Delta State University Hamilton-White Child Dev. Centercenter basedHwy 8 West, Cleveland, MS 38733(662) 846-4320
Honeys Busy Beescenter based3568 Fulton, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 972-0396
Mary Queen of Peace Schoolschool based4419 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 741-3685
Ilearn N Play Enrichment Centercenter based6959 Kinsman Rd, Cleveland, OH 44104(216) 244-9460
Keys 4 Kids Community Learning Centercenter based16344 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44112(216) 851-7666
Pleasurable Child Care Center IIcenter based2046 Spring Road, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 471-8444
Next Step Prep Academyreligious facility10749 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106(216) 203-0870
Cleveland Montessorischool based12510 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106(216) 421-0700
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parishreligious facility1355 W 70th St, Cleveland, OH 44102(216) 281-7146
Harvard Enrichment Learning Centercenter based7001-7005 Harvard Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105(216) 441-7110
St Mary Byzantinereligious facility4600 State Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 351-8121
The Learning Adventurecenter based2617 East 40th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115(888) 747-8525
St Aloysius Child Care Clevelandreligious facility653 E 109th St, Cleveland, OH 44108
H Barbara Booker Elementary Schoolschool based7901 Halle Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102(216) 961-1753
Triskett Station Horizon Education Centercenter based13850 Triskett Road, Cleveland, OH 44107(216) 230-4432
Scholars of Tomorrow Child Enrichment Centercenter based944 East 152nd Street, Cleveland, OH 44110(216) 203-4506
All Around Childrencenter based3271 East 55th St, Cleveland, OH 44127(216) 441-1941
William Rainey Harperschool based5515 Ira Ave, Cleveland, OH 44144
Dream's In Heaven Childcarecenter based14954 St Clair, Cleveland, OH 44110(216) 759-0540
Citizens Academy Southeastschool based15700 Lotus Dr, Cleveland, OH 44128(216) 791-4195
Kidtopiacenter based798 East 185th St, Cleveland, OH 44119(216) 383-9671
All Star Learning Centercenter based10514 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111(216) 218-7810
Open Doors Academy - Fullertonschool based3900 East 75th Street, Cleveland, OH 44105(216) 318-8320
Charles W Eliot Schoolschool based17900 Harvard Ave, Cleveland, OH 44128(216) 752-0100
Future Kids Activity Centercenter based16940 & 16930 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111(216) 941-5990
St Roccocenter based3205 Fulton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 961-8557
Willson Schoolschool based1122 Ansel Rd, Cleveland, OH 44108(216) 920-1207
Harvard Avenue Performance Academycenter based12000 Harvard Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105(734) 223-6586
St Francisschool based7206 Myron Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103
Angels On Earth Child Care Centercenter based13439 Lorain Road, Cleveland, OH 44111(216) 476-2273
Luther Memorialschool based4464 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 749-5300
Citizens Academyschool based10118 Hampden Ave, Cleveland, OH 44108(216) 791-4195
Growing Leaders Enrichment Centercenter based4108 Clark Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 651-0303
Citizens Academy Eastschool based12523 Woodside Ave, Cleveland, OH 44108
Stonebrook Montessorischool based975 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44108
Superior Providers Childcare Centercenter based8023 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103(216) 675-1911
Stair Steps Enrichment Centercenter based18482 Lakeshore Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44119(216) 303-9322
Urban Communityschool based4909 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102(216) 939-8330
Kids Corner Child Development Centercenter based2510 E40th, Cleveland, OH 44104(216) 881-7699
Awesome Kids Childcare Centercenter based2419 Denison Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 266-0193
Kids Learning Centercenter based36177 State Hwy 79, Cleveland, AL 35049(205) 274-0776
Kidz Korner Child Care - Clevelandreligious facility607 Hulsey Rd., Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 865-3088
White County School Nutrition/Tesnatee Gap Elementaryschool based2696 Tesnatee Gap Valley Road, Cleveland, GA 30258(706) 865-1037
White County School System - 21st Century - Mossy Creek Elementaryschool based128 Horace Fitzpatrick Dr., Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 865-5000
White Creek Christian Academy based67 Academy Drive, Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 865-0862
White County School System - 21st Century - Jack P. Nix Primaryschool based342 West Kytle Street, Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 865-6935
The Growing Placereligious facility147 North Main Street, Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 865-6499
White County Head Starthead start676 Claude Sims Rd., Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 865-4947
White County School System - 21st Century - White County Intermediateschool based2696 Tesnatee Gap Valley Rd., Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 865-1037
Small Wonder Academycenter based2081 Westmoreland Rd., Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 348-1445
Cleveland Academycenter based50 Woodlawn Drive, Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 219-1322
Cleveland Head Start Early Childhood Centerhead start900 West Delaware St., Cleveland, OK 74020(918) 358-5304
Cleveland Head Starthead start908 W Cherokee, Cleveland, OK 74020(918) 358-3121
Tiny Tots Child Development Centercenter based712 N Chrisman Ave, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 846-6699
Bolivar Co. Head Start - Cleveland #3head start1408 Highway 8, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 843-4526
Cleveland Head Start Center #1head start924 Pearl Ave, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 846-1553
Mother Goose Learning Center Icenter based1001 S Dr Martin L King Jr Dr, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 843-9825
Blessed Kids of Solid Rockcenter based306 South St, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 719-5396
Cleveland #3 Head Start Annexhead start506 N Chrisman Ave, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 843-6403
Spells World Family Day Carecenter based1107 Smith Ave, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 843-2168
Perfected Praise Childcare & Learning Centerreligious facility3817 Highway 61 N, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 846-5433
Back To Basics Day Carecenter based816 Bell Ave, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 843-7437
Cleveland Head Start Center #2head start1103 Bell Ave, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 846-6864
St. Luke Umc Neighborhood Children's Programreligious facility1227 Deering St, Cleveland, MS 38732(662) 843-2306
Learning To Grow Ceccenter based5309 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103(216) 431-4000
Jireh Learning Centercenter based7724 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102(216) 938-9342
Determined To Grow Childcarecenter based1491 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44107(216) 221-1076
Kenneth W Clementcenter based14311 Woodworth Rd, Cleveland, OH 44112(216) 541-7543
Anton Grdinacenter based2955 E 71st St, Cleveland, OH 44104(216) 812-1543
Kindercare At University Circlecenter based10001 Chester Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106(216) 229-1655
Thomas Jefferson Schoolcenter based3145 W 46th St, Cleveland, OH 44102(216) 404-5100
Heart To Heart Enrichment Centercenter based3095 West 25th St., Cleveland, OH 44113(216) 938-6771
Murtis Taylor Child Enrichment School Age Programschool based13411 Union Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44120(216) 283-4400
With These Handscenter based12510-12 Buckeye Road, Cleveland, OH 44120(216) 921-8103
Wade Early Learning Centercenter based9111 Yale Ave, Cleveland, OH 44108(216) 761-4994
Your Child My Child 3center based6518 St. Clair, Cleveland, OH 44103(216) 855-6521
St Leo The Greatreligious facility4900 Broadview Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109(216) 661-2120
Laveer Childcare and Enrichment Ctrcenter based6825 Broadway, Cleveland, OH 44105(216) 441-5439
Ymca Downtown Learning and Enrichment Centercenter based91 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44113(216) 313-0114
Wilbur Wright Schoolcenter based11005 Parkhurst Dr, Cleveland, OH 44111(216) 476-4200
Kids Around Day Carecenter based4800 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44127(216) 641-8948
Pooh County Child Care Center based17201 Miles Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44128(216) 751-9967
Happyworks Day Care based4434 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113(216) 939-6060
Open Doors Academy E Prep Woodland Hillsschool based9201 Crane Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105(216) 538-6876
Spanish American Little Footsteps Bilingual Child Enrichment Centercenter based4732 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102(216) 696-8215
Ymca Campus Learning and Enrichment Centercenter based2160 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115(216) 313-0114
Open Doors Academy - E-Prep Cliffs Superiorcenter based1417 East 36th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114(216) 318-8314
Lakeview Terrace Head Start Centerhead start1290 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44103(216) 795-5255
Precious Gems Childcare Centercenter based18320 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44112(216) 692-9001
Villa Head Start Centercenter based5620 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44127(216) 441-9550
Franklin D. Rooseveltcenter based800 Linn Dr, Cleveland, OH 44108(216) 268-8100
Tiny Totz Childcarecenter based2439 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114(216) 420-7300
Clara E Westropp Schoolcenter based19101 Puritas Ave, Cleveland, OH 44135(216) 267-3706
Brighteyes Childcare Center IIicenter based3887 Lee Road, Cleveland, OH 44128(216) 299-7972
Cleveland Child Care Inc (gilbert)center based3274 W 58th St, Cleveland, OH 44102(216) 631-3211

Dataset Information

This dataset includes 150 thousands child day care centers for the 50 states of the USA, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The dataset includes center based child day care locations, including those located at schools and religious institutes. Each child day care is categorized into Center Based, School Based, Head Start, or Religious Center solely based on the type of Center where the child day care center is geographically located.

Data Provider State Education Departments
Jurisdiction United States

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